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Looking for an impactful message for your next event? 


Something Abundant would love to help you design a retreat, on-location getaway, or on-site conference. The message of the Bride can be tailored for one session special events or 3-4 session weekend programs. Let us help you tailor this message for the needs of your group.


  • Bible study groups

  • staff or leader's retreats

  • mothers or girls’ youth events

  • women's ministry events 


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What people are saying:


“I cannot tell you what a blessing the ALLURE weekend was for me!  I have completed many Bible studies and have had many wise women in my midst, but this weekend was amazing! I have never ever heard these words before!! If you are looking for a speaker for your next women’s ministry event, I highly recommend Angie Nichols. She has been gifted with a very special message!” –Stephanie Oliver, owner The Journey Magazine


“Angie Nichols. Ahhh, Angie. This girl likes words! She’s deep, too. Way deep. The thing is, her depth comes from a really special place that’s foreign to most of us. She has faced the most difficult of life circumstances, and through it, found a place of wholeness in relationship with Jesus that has compelled her to devote her life to knowing Him more and making Him known. If you like to study Scripture, read Angie’s stuff.  She’s just getting started in an exciting new ministry, too.” –Cynthia Hopkins, writer, speaker


“All I can really say is WOW! The Lord worked and moved among us so beautifully. The Holy Spirit of God was present and I believe was high and lifted up. The Word of God was so rightly divided and it spoke in such a powerful and tangible way! God ordained it from the beginning, and praise God for His servant, Angie, who so eloquently and accurately delivered the Word of God!  Our ladies all said it was the best retreat they’ve ever been to–everything from the location, to the fellowship, and most importantly to the message–we all connected with it in such a real and meaningful way! Angie is anointed and I know God has amazing things in store for this ministry.” –Mindi Sanders, Director of Women’s Ministry, The Sanctuary Fellowship, Richmond, Tx


“I have recommended Angie’s book and message.  I used the website as a reference–I didn’t even try to explain it.  I still can’t wrap my head around what occurred between the pages of her study.  I sometimes felt like a fraud, but now I feel like I can forgive myself and shut off the enemy’s whispers.”  –Rebecca Daughtry


“I describe Angie’s message as a practical Bible teaching and real-world advice that helps bridge the gap between the life a woman longs for, and the life she actually has.  Filled with warm, personal anecdotes, and written in an intimate, affable style that reaches out to women.” –Lisa Crow


“For any woman that has a desire to draw closer to Christ–this is the answer.  You are able to develop a new kind of relationship and discover a closeness unlike anything taught growing up in church.  It’s a must for all to hear!” –Katherine Diggs


“I can see the Spirit in Angie.  When she is speaking, I can tell she is a messenger of God’s Word.” –Suzy Childers


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