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New Book by Angie Nichols (with Amy Grigg)


A Bride of Christ in Generation XYZ


ABCinXYZ is the follow-up book to Angie Nichols' award-winning Bible study, Something Abundant: growing from a child of God to the Bride of Christ. This book expands on the practicality of the principles of living as a bride of Christ in a culture that faces challenges and temptations unknown to previous generations.


ABCinXYZ is for women seeking to know if the life of a follower of Jesus still really works in our current days, and if so, how she can walk in the role of a bride of Christ in her personal day-in-and-out. The content from A to Z highlights timeless truth of Scripture and offers realistic application for a wide range of ever-changing issues (beyond marriage and motherhood) that women face today. It is a collection of teaching and testimonies from Angie, other women, and even a few good men representing a diversity of age, culture, and experience.


It also invites and guides women to journal their own unique love story with Jesus and the lessons of life she's learned for the daughters-by blood or by bond-who follow, passing on a legacy for generations to come.


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